Welcome to the world of good sleep and downtime. Get comfortable, dedicate time for yourself and for self-love. In the mist of our busy life, stress, pollution, family commitments and full-time jobs we spend very little time on our mental health and on sleeping.

We believe that life is better when we do what we love, dedicate time to cultivate inner-peace and sleep well. Our sustainable and organically produced sleepwear/loungewear and bedding is made in Italy with GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) fabrics and organic dyes from Turkey, India, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Italy. All yarns and fabrics are organic and fully traceable. 

All garments are manufactured by women in a family–run atelier in central Italy. We’re committed to transparent traceability throughout the supply chain and production process and to ensuring good working conditions for all of our suppliers.

Our collections are made to last and our brand has as a mission to move away from fast fashion.

Leticia Credidio is an Italian-Japanese Brazilian born art director and designer based in East London and Milan. Leticia has been working as an art director for social change over 12 years. She has designed campaigns for some of the world’s leading NGO’s in the UK, Australia, Milan, Canada and Amsterdam. Leticia’s Venetian grandmother was a seamstress and used to design and sew her pyjamas, ballet costumes and her mum’s clothes. Her grandmother met her grandfather – a young gentleman recent immigrated from Tokyo – whilst working on a textile factory in Sao Paulo after the WW2. 


1. Portrait photo by Ugne Grevyte. 2. Family portrait in Brazil 1952, Leticia's grandparents Odila and Tamita Yoshida, Elyria (mother) and uncle Winston. 3. Team photo at our atelier in Emilia Romagna, Antonella, Victoria, Daniella, Maria, Lorena.